Thursday, 12 February 2009

Interesting journeys to work #3: Ice

On Sunday we pass two cars at the top of Horspath Hill that have just collided, after loosing control on the ice. On Tuesday morning the bottom of Horspath Hill resembles an icerink: there is a car standing vertically in a ditch, the driver in hospital. 50 meters further a car sits in the wrong carriageway, front end smashed in. 50 metres further again there is a car embedded in a hedgerow. Today, after another cold night which leaves the locks and doors frozen solid on Summeara's car, I have to drive to Newbury, so decide to avoid Horspath and go through Garsington. Just outside the village I pass a car lying on it's side on the nearside verge. Then I notice a child trying to climb out of the passenger window - this car has just crashed. I pull up, and as other drivers stop, we help out the child and her mother, who are shocked but unhurt. The male passenger though is injured and unable to get out of the car. I call an ambulance and the police. The Police take ages to take my details before I'm passed over the ambulance service - surely this should happen the other way around? Paramedics and fire engines arrrive and then the police call - they can't find the accident. Not impressive. I'm ready for spring now please.

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