Sunday, 29 March 2009

Bee My Queen

Being too hungover to contemplate anything more energetic than sitting in the garden, I accidently discover the world of bees! This huge bee attracted my attention by eclipsing the sun and deafening me with the sound of it's wings, so for the first time in my life I try my hand at Bee photography. It's bloody awkward. They are constantly moving or half inside flowers, so the only opportunity to get a flight shot is when they nip over to the next flower.

I was hoping to freeze the wings by using a fast shutter speed, but even in direct sunlight at 1/800 of a second there is considerable blur, above was my best effort. Having got a few images I head inside to do some research: what type of bees were they? I wasn't expecting to find out much, but then discovered the wonderful Bumblebee Conservation Trust: With their help I discover that I have photographed a Queen Buff-tailed Bumblebee! And check out the bright orange pollen sacs on her legs, full of collected pollen. Things will never Bee the same! Having read reports of the collapse of the entire British Bee population( my experience this morning has made me a Bee Conservationist convert. Join me in this mission, or as the article says, "If there are no bees, there will be no steak". Or even worse, there will be no bees. Join here, for a mere £16 per year:

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