Sunday, 5 April 2009

At last!

A perfectly still, warm April morning. The sky so blue, presumably because it is stuffed full of migrant birds passing high and invisible over Cuddesdon. Of those that did show themselves today were this calling Great Spotted Woodpecker: And this very silent Fox, dead in the corner of some foreign field:
Highlight of the day was an odd looking Chiffchaff that showed briefly in a tree to the east of the village, before diving into cover and beginning singing that classic track "Willow Warbler: main song". At last, a true trans-Saharan migrant, there should be millions to follow, but I expect virtually all of them to avoid Cuddesdon entirely. The flowers in the garden are still pulling in the insects and thanks to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust I can confidently identify this individual as a insect:
And all because the lady loves.... Dunnock.
Completely round. Not like those weird Woodpigeons.

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  1. Are these your pitures Tom - just great. The old Red kite, it's growing slowly here just north of you. maybe see 1 a week now.