Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mellow yellow, baby.

Its all yellow out there at the moment, as the (as still unidentified) wheat/corn/barley matures:
But the birds are noticeable in their absence, with not even a Corn Bunting present on the fences, the first time since they arrived in April that I have not recorded them. The village pond holds three generations of Moorhens - an adult with 2 chicks:
And a juvenile with 2 other chicks:
The only other birds of interest are 2 Reed Warblers, one on the private pond and one singing by the River Thame. Still lots of butterfly action though with this Gatekeeper:
Painted Lady:
A very surprised Roe Deer throws herself into the crops:
A nice Peacock:
And the first Comma for the area:
Small Tortoiseshell:

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