Saturday, 25 July 2009

Sylvia Path

The elderberry bush at the end of my garden has been attracting a few sylvia warblers, mainly female type Blackcaps, but also an elusive Garden Warbler - the first for my garden. It spends most of it's time deep with the bush, only coming out occasionally to pick off the ripe berries. After a few failed attempts I finally got an image of it today, albeit a dreadful one. However all the main features show: (i) the lack of any features (ii) the grey breast side (iii) the grey-blue legs and (iv) the off white undertail area. Here it is, the picture taken through dirty double glazing of a bird 20 metres away, in all it's grey glory:

And finally, a Hobby graced the village this afternoon, circling high above the cricket pitch before drifting south.

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