Monday, 14 September 2009

Another one bites the stubble

2 Chiffchaffs in the garden inspire a late afternoon check of the fields which reveals that Gull numbers are as good as ever:

Black-headed Gulls above, while the larger gulls were in the next field down. As usual the majority are Lesser Black-backed, but there are a few Herring Gulls in with them. Then, as it gets dark and windy, I come across an adult gull with a distinctly darker shade of pale grey on it's mantle and a clean white head... and best of all yellow legs:

The first Yellow-legged Gull for the area! Sadly almost as soon as I've seen it the flock all take off, leaving me with only the poorest of record shots, above. 

The ploughing has completely changed the landscape, suddenly everything is visible and has nowhere to hide: 2 Red-legged Partridges1 Pheasant, 2 Roe Deer and 3 hares:

There is a huge racket as over 300 Rooks and Jackdaws suddenly take to the air...almost as if there is a raptor around, although round here there are always 8 Red Kites and 3 Buzzards in the sky at any one time and this time is no exception...

... until I spot a large powerful falcon skimming the tree line: a Peregrine, the first since February, captured here at a distance of about half a mile, as it flew qickly away:

The peregrine also puts up a "hidden" flock of 120 Lapwings, rounding off a far more productive evening than I had expected: it's actually quite good out here at the moment.

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