Saturday, 21 November 2009

Mild and Empty

Gusty, grey and mild. And thats just me. But seriously, November 21st and no coat needed: today I am tramping the patch with only a fleece for warmth, and thats too much. Very quiet today, just lots of thrushes zipping about. The only point of excitement came when something exploded next to me out of a hedgerow at ground level and shot over the hedge. It barely registered on my retinas, but from what litle I saw was medium sized, tawny and round-winged... a possible Woodcock? It certainly evaded me. Otherwise this Roe Deer was in Old Barns Field:

The sight of a flock of 12 large, long-legged grey birds feeding near the river just allowed the thought of "Cranes?" to enter my mind for a millisecond before reality slapped me round the face: 12 Grey Herons of course.

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