Saturday, 23 January 2010

Code Red

A full 2 minutes have elapsed since I texted PRB for more details about the alleged Cuddesdon Woodcock. And no response. Obviously a fully blown campaign of suppression has been initiated.

On a lighter note I like the way the OOS website only allows you to enter sightings of "Eurasian Woodcock" from the drop down menu, rather than plain simple "Woodcock".  As if any of the other Woodcock species of the world were likely, just check out their names: Amami Woodcock, Bukidnon Woodcock, Dusky Woodcock, New Guinea Woodcock, Sulawesi Woodcock, Moluccan Woodcock and American Woodcock. All as unlikely as Eurasian Woodcock in Cuddesdon - and I'm sticking by that!

1 minute later: PRB has responded. It was in a local wood - and on private land! Gotcha! Now where's the phone number of the landowner...?

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