Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Into the freezer again

The early hours of Tuesday morning hit a low of -9.2 degrees at Benson, 8 miles away, while the forecast for heavy snow firms up. Sure enough, Wednesday morning reveals 15 - 20cm of fresh snow:

Stepping out I note 15 Lapwing flying over, accompanied by a single Snipe, a nice adddition to the garden list. In the snow the bird feeders become increasingly popular:

The 2 Lesser Redpolls are still about:

Above, eye to eye with a Goldfinch

Above, Fieldfare allowing close approach while feeding on apples within the village.
Below, I am still after a festive Robin shot for next year's Christmas cards. No sure fire shot yet, this one was average...

 And this is how it will look tomorrow, as the skies clear and the temperatures begin to plunge again:

Time to go out and throw snowballs at the satellite dish now, at present the dish is obliterated by snow and not producing enough signal for TV, disaster as Mr. D. Attenborough is showing us Birds of Paradise tonight.  I just have to make sure I hit it hard enough to dislodge the snow, but not so hard that it actually moves and looses it's satellite: pray for me David!

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