Monday, 25 January 2010


Now its getting serious, PRB has equalled my highest Reed Bunting count:

I should state that I am deeply conservative about one thing and one thing only - counting mobile flocks of birds. In the light of recent events this policy may have to be liberalised. Still, my whopping 800 Fieldfare count of Sunday has to trump PRB's 100 Reed Buntings - numbers like that might even warrant a mention in the annual report... if either PRB or myself live long enough to see it's publication: my latest copy of the "Birds of Oxfordshire" is the 2004 Annual Report (6 years ago, whole species have evolved in that time!) a time when Cuddeson was quietly birdless, before these Birding Wars broke out.. happy, innocent days.

I did try to negotiate a sort of peace yesterday, a quiet text, one birder to another: "bugger off to Otmoor and get off my patch", but all in vain. He's been back in the woods today trying to rub Woodcock in my face.  No luck apparently, almost as if someone flushed them not too long ago...

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