Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I was wandering the web this evening when I decided to search the Birdguides database for records relating to Cuddesdon. In the last 8 years there are just two. Modesty forbids me from mentioning the first. But it was me that found that male Ring Ouzel. The second is a real surprise, the report reads:

"Most recent 2 reports from Cuddesdon:

22:58 25/03/10 Ring Ouzel, Oxon, Cuddesdon, male
19:01 09/08/02 Eagle Owl, Oxon, Cuddesdon: presumed escape on the church wall at midday, also reported in the area 3 weeks ago"

I have dreamt of finding the mythical fourth species of Owl for the Cuddesdon area, but always assumed it would be a Short or Long-eared Owl. Little did I know that we were graced by a monster back in August 2002, albeit an escaped monster. Still this episode has taught me two important lessons:
One: Cuddesdon really is virtually birdless (at least according to Birdguides).
Two: I should contact the Oxford Ornithological Society and ask them for all their records relating to Cudddeson... lets see whats they've got!

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