Thursday, 8 April 2010


The classic new fathers dilemma: I have two shoulders but three things to carry - a baby, a pair of binoculars and a DSLR plus lens. Obviously something has to go, and although from a birding perspective it really should be the baby, even I recognise that this is probably a step too far ("but it was classic fall conditions, your Honour"). One also has to bear in mind that round here you also need to keep one hand free to wipe away the tears of frustration. So today I leave home without.. the binoculars. Immediately I feel uneasy, but the hot April sunshine calms my nerves, as well as unleashing many of these Small Tortoiseshells:
And once again the The Hedgerow (by the set-aside, aka Ring Ouzel hedgerow) produces the goods. Even without bins I can see that this bright yellow passerine on top of the hedge is not one of the local Yellowhammers, but in fact a classic spring migrant, captured here in front of the Chiltern escarpment:
Male Yellow Wagtail
This is the fifth patch visit in eight days this month, so it's about time something of note was recorded. Next time: something even better, please.

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