Sunday, 24 October 2010

Looking for Lapland

The theory goes something like this: there has been a record influx of Lapland Buntings into the UK this autumn, with birds even reaching Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Lapland Bunting usually associate with Skylarks on passage. Cuddesdon does have wintering Skylarks. Therefore, there must be a chance of a Lapland Bunting turning up with them. Albeit, a vanishingly small chance.
So I head out to find the local Skylark flock. Sadly, the birding Gods are against me, for all the unkept stubble in which the Skylarks have been feeding has been recently ploughed. There are still 20 Skylark about, with a few Yellowhammers and this Reed Bunting:

The surprise of the morning was this juvenile Peregrine, the first of the year, which flew in from the south, scattering all before it:

The first Fieldfares have arrived, but there was no other news from the Lapland region. Below: a local buteo

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