Saturday, 5 February 2011

Pine Warbler

Quite simply the best bird graphics I have ever seen arrived by email this week. They come from the States via Ebird and as the animation runs the areas where the species has been recorded light up, the brighter the light the more frequently recorded that species is. For species that migrate this means you get a real sense of thousands of birds pouring north in Spring and then departing south in Autumn. Or Fall as they call it over there.       I have tried to upload a full animated map, but sadly the maps only work on these blogs if they are left at full size, which means the entire blog is covered with moving maps of migrating American wood Warbler, a frighteningly alien state in Cuddesdon that would induce epilepsy in this observer. However, here is a still of the Pine Warbler map:
But click on the link below to see the full wonders, then choose your species of choice, sit back and prepare to be amazed:

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