Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Now it really is time...

Don't you just love it when that happens? An immediate, articulate critique of modern farming methods, that coincides exactly with my irrational feelings of hatred towards modern farming techniques, has just been published. This from departing head of the RSPB, Mark Avery:

"At almost every opportunity the National Farmers Union chooses the option which will harm the environment – it is weak on greenhouse gas reduction measures, in favour of biofuels, argues against improving the effectiveness of farming grants, is against clamping down on pesticide use and wants its members to carry out what will be an ineffective cull of badgers. The NFU lacks a coherent view of what the future of farming should look like except that the cheques must keep coming from the taxpayer."

Full article here:


  1. Why oh why do you spoil a magnificent blog with infantile and dangerous rhetoric advocating killing farmers?
    The Kite footage is fantastic the comments on modern farming methods are fairly accurate with the proviso that in fact our Tree Sparrow Project gets enthusiastic and significant financial assistance from farmers finding themselves in a catch 22 situation with government pressure to produce increasing yields while being paid to farm sympathetically for wildlife. Your battle cry should be "now is the time to convince the farmer" With significant amounts of farm income derived from wildlife schemes never has there been a better time to sensibly insist on improvement for our under pressure wildlife.
    Barry Hudson.

  2. Hi Barry,
    Thank you for getting in touch and for your comments on the blog, both positive and negative. Whilst blog postings are expressions of personal opinion, I agree with you that my comments in "Now it really is time..." were rather excessive. I intended for them to appear obviously tongue-in-cheek, but perhaps my frustration at modern farming methods boiled over on that occasion. It's not easy seeing nothing day after day! However, I have amended the blog postings accordingly.
    Regards, Tom

  3. Thank You so much Tom you have my respect and admiration.