Thursday, 4 August 2011

Time to get the claws out...

Now here is an interesting approach from the US, where recent reports heavily implicate domestic cats as the cause of large reductions in bird numbers. This advert is from the recently published American Birding Association List Report for 2010:

In the UK this subject is not even up for discussion. Whilst in the US it is acknowledged that cats kill 500 million birds each year (see link above), in the UK the RSPB steadfastly keep the issue of domestic cats off the agenda, presumably for fear of loosing members who also keep cats. Wake up people: domestic cats kill native wildlife. If you want both, then keep the cats indoors, as the above advert recommends. Better still, develop an appreciation of animals in their natural habitat and if you still want company or to stroke something furry, I suggest you buy a teddy bear. Anything else will have a detrimental effect on your local wildlife.

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