Saturday, 19 November 2011

Isn't winter the cold, wet season?

November 19th and never mind the hat and gloves, not even a coat is required. Sadly the lack of cold, or even wet weather, means finding birds out here is harder than ever. Today was desperately quiet, a few Fieldfares and Redwings feeding on berries, the odd Reed Bunting and Yellowhammer chipping about, but absolutely nothing of note. The only mammals were 2 Roe Deer bouncing through South Field...
... and a distant "stag" Muntjac (the least majestic of our deer) further north. Having experienced three successive cold winters in Cuddesdon I am now ready for a fourth - at least the freeze brings in some birds. There is something odd in seeing an oak tree in full leaf, bathed in warm sunshine at 8.30am in the second half of November:

Can I request three months of heavy rain please?

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