Friday, 11 May 2012

Bicester Twister fails to deliver

In North America they pray for a good storm season. When I say "they", I mean North American birders. The rest of the population pray for a whole load of other things, most of which we should not dwell on. Earlier this week Tornado Alley relocated to central Oxfordshire and this beast passed some 10 miles north of Cuddesdon:

In North America such storms can drive thousands of migrating birds, including Warblers, Vireos and Hummingbirds, down into cover, where waiting birders feast on flocks of out of range vagrants. Fortunately for Oxfordshire, the Cuddesdon Bird Exclusion Zone was on operating at full strength and had driven any migrating birds passing though Oxfordshire far away. Still no birds here. Coverage of the storm in The Independent here. 

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