Thursday, 6 September 2012

Vladimir Putin & Jimmy Savile

Breaking news:

Having personally saved the Siberian Crane from extinction, Russian President Vladimir Putin put in a personal appearance over Cuddeson yesterday afternoon in a low flying glider. Alarmed local birder Tom exclaimed: "I don't know what was more shocking, the fact that President Putin was overhead or the fact that his passenger appeared to be the deceased Jimmy Saville, OBE. I have not checked the legal minimum height for a glider in flight, but I would say that if you can identify the occupants, then it is probably too low. Shame the Siberian Cranes didn't follow Putin over here though".  President Putin, ever the eclectic, went straight from flying to muse on the benefits of group sex.

Meanwhile back in Cuddesdon it was lovely misty morning today, with hints of autumn promise:

The first Nuthatch of the year was calling in Bishops Wood, I must get around to actually seeing one here, all 3 records in the last 4 years have been of unseen calling birds. A total of 8 Meadow Pipit and 2 Skylark headed south, then all of a sudden the Cuddesdon Mallard record was smashed as this flock of 72, and a then further 8, all flew south:

This splash of yellow against the morning sky also headed south: a calling Yellow Wagtail. Autumn migration is underway, can it make up for such an appalling Spring though?


  1. Great post Tom. It looks as if Jim has fixed it to come back from the dead although he always thought he was jesus or better, mind you it looks like the chap in the front is dis putin it.

  2. Groan! You had better be careful about teasing Putin, Camboy - look what happened to Pussy Riot. I can see the "Free Camboy" T-shirts already!