Sunday, 28 October 2012


Birds everywhere today, probably the most bird-filled day of the year so far. The recent northerly winds have clearly brought in large numbers of thrushes, larks and pipits. North Field held 50+ Skylark and 50+ Meadow Pipit alone. Identifying birds on migration is a matter for the ear, rather than the eye. If it goes "chett-chett", it's a Lesser Redpoll:

"Chack, chack, chack" and its a Fieldfare:

And then this 1st winter Gull caught my eye - a Common Gull. Don't be deceived by the name, this was the first one since 15th October 2009 and only the third ever:

South Field was filled with waders. A sentence I have never typed before, as usually this area is birdless. 300 Golden Plover and 250+ Lapwing:

The skies above Cuddesdon filled with birds!

85 species for the year.

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  1. At this rate you will have to rename it the Birdfull Cuddeson Blog.