Thursday, 8 November 2012

Waters rising

The predictions of flooding were once again spot on and the River Thame has made full use of its flood meadows this week. A quick check this morning produced 13 (5+8) Grey Partridge and 150 of these Fieldfares:

This is the Cuddesdon Mill area, as viewed from near Great Milton. The Mill is in the trees on the far right surrounded by water. This habitat looks good from above to me, lets hope some passing wildfowl or raptors are drawn in for a closer look:
I finally had time to count the numbers of the now departed Golden Plover and Lapwing flocks from photographs I took on Sunday. Both were the record local counts: Lapwing 330, Golden Plover 512! With the Starlings and Black-headed Gulls included that meant the a single field held over 1000 birds last weekend.  You could have knocked me over with a Plover feather.


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