Saturday, 30 November 2013


Traffic lights - the three stages of a leaf's life: green, yellow, then red. 
All on the same twig:

But this morning dawned grey and dark:

I assumed a flock of 50 finches flicking around North Field were the remnants of the autumn Linnet influx. But on closer examination proved to be the biggest Greenfinch flock I've recorded in Cuddesdon - at least 50 Greenfinch:

To the east of the village the two young of the local Mute Swan pair are now feeding separately from their parents. While the adults feast on rapeseed plants to the north, the young are in winter wheat. And close to a public footpath...

...a mistake they won't make again I suspect:

In the fields by the river 50 Golden Plover circle, thinking about landing... 

...until this Peregrine Falcon swoops through the flock scattering them:

There were 10 Common Buzzards present this morning, including this pale juvenile:


  1. One of those swans is now (Saturday 30th Nov 2013 at 6 pm) sitting in the layby right on the bend at the top of the road from Cuddesdon down to the Mill. I didn't know what to do and cannot find anyone who does (RSPB RSPCA). Was worried that if I tried to shoo it into the field, it might go down the road and be in even more danger. Niki.

    1. Hi Niki, it is always a concern to see wildlife on roads, but I suspect that the advice from the RSPCA etc would be to leave the swan where it is. The juvenile I photographed earlier today could certainly avoid a rapidly approaching dog. Unless the swan is already injured (in which case nature may have to take its course) it should be capable of leaving the area to go to roost. Let's hope it is still not there in the morning. Regards, Tom

    2. OK and thanks very much for replying. It was horrid leaving it but you are right. I'll go check tomorrow too, with fingers crossed. Thanks for a very fine blog. N.