Sunday, 9 March 2014

Early signs

This morning saw a sudden influx of wildlife into our garden. Firstly, this Toad:

That's me, reflected in the pupil:

Then a lightning fast Wood Mouse, no doubt attracted by the bird seed:

The spring bulbs were a little less mobile:

Out in the fields, it was the sort of day that made the local residents throw back their heads and sing. Song Thrush:

Corn Bunting:


Red Kite:

The flood meadows have been under water for 3 months now, but at last it is receding:

Not a single winter thrush was feeding in the winter wheat. Last weekend the fields held over 600 Fieldfares. I wondered if the mild weather had stimulated them into beginning the migration back to their breeding grounds. But they had simply found the rich supply of food revealed by the falling flood waters. Redwings zipped over, flashing the underwing colours that give them their name:

While the Fieldfares concentrated at the waters edge. Perhaps 300 present here today:

Most of these thrushes will be back in Scandinavia before the months end. Spring is coming. 

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