Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Leaving Finland, driving north

I leave the Pine Grosbeaks, Siberian Jays and Siberian Tits in northern Lapland...

 ...and drive north. The cars here have metal discs embedded into the tyres, resulting the in surprising experience of driving at 80kph on pure ice. For over 300km. I pass through some small places, some with extraordinary long names:

Past huge frozen waterfalls... 

... and enter Northern Norway. Norway never disappoints:

I approach the plateau above Båtsfjord. In heavy snow they run convoys every few hours behind snowploughs, so the road never really closes.

I pass the exact spot where I had my number one "birds in snow" moment (Gyrfalcon hunting Willow Grouse on foot; see here for the full top 10) and reach the top of the plateau, where Reindeer await:

Then down into Båtsfjord. Tomorrow is Eider time. 

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