Thursday, 2 July 2009


When a pair of House Martins began building a nest under our eaves I was delighted. I followed the progress of the nest, here on June 13th:Here on June 16th, with one of the adults carefully adding another layer of mud:
Until suddenly, this happened:The House Martins have been evicted by House Sparrows! Whilst I am fond of the humble Sparrow, and they are now a red-listed species having suffered a population decline of greater than 50% in 10 years, I would have preferred a nice pair of Martins anyday... And call that a nest? Its a total mess, not like those nice neat House Martins. Its especially galling as the male House Sparrow nows screams his head off at 5.30am every morning from our bedroom window ledge. I really hope he does not come to a sticky end. Really.

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