Thursday, 2 July 2009


The Sunday morning after a big Saturday night and Richard, Alex and I go for a wander in the local fields to clear our heads and souls. Unfortunately the walk degenerates in a pit of unanswerable questions, starting with what crop is that?:Wheat? Barley?Or perhaps corn I suggest, pointing out a Corn Bunting sitting on it:
Before we know it the phones are out, surfing the net for answers.. but all we find are more questions: what is barley, what is it used for? Is it an ingrediant of beer? What is malt? Is there malt in maltesers? Would there be a market for maltesers malt whiskey? Why do you have to be over 12 years of age to enter the Maltesers website? It was a typical 21st century experience, far to broad and unfocused. We should have just stuck to the walk and feeling hungover :-)
Richard and Alex arguing over one of life's big issues: what crop is that?

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