Wednesday, 8 July 2009

In praise of immaturity

It's July and the garden is full of teenagers, keeping me awake at all hours... in this case, juvenile birds at dawn. Juvenile Goldfinches have been visiting the nyger seed feeder for a few weeks, and at first glance I thought a couple were present today:
However, that double wing bar and the yellow on the tail indicate that the bird on the left is in fact a juvenile Siskin - and probably the bird I glimpsed on June 16th. Summer records of Siskin in Oxfordshire are unusual, but do seem to occur more in warmer summers. A closer view reveals the breast streaking, the all dark bill and the off-white and yellow wing pattern. Nice!

1 comment:

  1. Tom- what's the matter with you, it's clearly a Siskin - far be it from me to bring this up, but get a grip man and stop looking at butterflies or I'll tell the Tims !!!!! then you can watch out for the records comittee.....