Saturday, 9 January 2010

Making tracks

An extremely rare photo: me, in the Cuddesdon recording area:

Nearly birdless today, the snow is 5 days old but with the warmest night of the week being -10 degrees and todays daytime temperature in a freezing NE wind being -11 degrees, there is simpy no warmth to melt it. Life appears to be continuing, although there must be casualties, especially the longer the freeze continues. However, there is evidence of mammal life in the snow. Below, Hare tracks (they always remind me of how an adolescent would draw human genitalia!):

Below, probable Fox tracks:

Below, could these be Badger tracks?

Below, Roe Deer tracks:

And here you can see where the Roe Deer have been feeding, nuzzling the snow aside to expose the frozen mud and grass below, yum:

The only way to survive the arctic temperatures:

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