Sunday, 16 January 2011

East Oxford taken over by masked bandits

Forget Tunis. I tried to go shopping in East Oxford today, but was turned away by hordes of masked roving bandits. Trouble began on Between Towns Road when I was spotted by a flock of at least 80 Waxwings. Sensing I had fruit in my car they attacked relentlessly. I fled down the Iffley Road, only for a party of 5 Waxwings to fly overhead. I thought throwing a sharp left onto the Donnington Bridge Road would loose them, but another flock of perhaps 20 birds were waiting for me in a tree on the corner of Meadow Lane.  These are crazy times - in a short East Oxford drive, I've stumbled upon over 100 Waxwings: is there no escape?  It won't be long before they set up roadblocks on the ringroad and begin searching drivers for fruit and soft berries. Dark days indeed. As this photo shows:

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