Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shopping For Birds

I don't know what happened this morning, but my garden became a mecca for birds. Not one, but two, Blackcaps:

The first Jay for ages, and then two Reed Buntings, the first for over a year (male bottom left, female top right if you have very good eyesight):
As I pointed out the Blackcaps my wife said "I've seen one of those before - in Asda". "For Sale?" I reply, incredulously imagining the supermarket was behind the appalling bird trade in the Mediterranean islands. "No, it was around the bread department in the Wheatley store and it was singing sometimes too!".  Apparently this was two weeks ago and she's been meaning to mention it since. Recalling the Yellow-browed Warbler found in a supermarket in southern Spain a few years ago, I imagine if I'd pointed out a picture of one from the Collins Guide and she had said "I've seen one of those before - in Asda... two weeks ago". How I would have laughed... I might have to start taking the optics out shopping with me. Just in case.

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