Sunday, 6 March 2011

Expectation management

Not entirely birdless, just a steady drip of local year ticks. I picked up Peregrine and Little Owl last weekend while out and about doing non-birding stuff and 2 Tufted Duck on the floods that were present in the week. The theme continued this morning with this Treecreeper, only the second ever in the treeless fields out here:
Most of the floods have drained off into the River Thame, but the one remaining wet area attracted these 4 Teal, but nothing else:
All of the above brought the Cuddesdon 2011 year list up to 64 species. Depressingly this is already over 70% of the total that is likely to be recorded here in a typical year. Unfortunately it's only just March, meaning the remaining 10 months of the year will only add another 30 or so species. Mental note to self: keep working on the expectation management.

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