Thursday, 21 April 2011

Throw away those tripods...

My mate Ian, who seems to divide his time between working at the University on robot vision (seriously!) and talking at conferences that are inevitably near some red hot tropical birding location, has been telling me about image stabilization software for ages. Did I listen? Only when I saw this:

On the left, Ian's original footage of the Snowy Owl in Cornwall last winter. On the right, the same clip having passed through the stabilization software. Now that is worth playing with, especially if you have as many hand-held wobbly videos as I have. Immediately I loaded up my latest unstable video, the putative Greenland Wheatear:

Brilliant: you can almost make out the bird! Who needs a tripod when your PC can do that to your images?! We do indeed, live in a golden age. Apart from the dire lack of birds round here, of course.

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