Friday, 22 April 2011


The sunlight this morning will take some beating, even though my garden, allotment and the surrounding fields rapidly undergo desertification. One does not think of a species like Little Grebe flying around over farmland looking for small ponds to breed on, but the pair have arrived again and are immediatey into nest building:
The usual loud squawking things are in the fields:
I've finally got the custom settings programmed into the 7D, so I can flick a switch and go straight into "flight shot" mode. Some reasonable results with a Skylark this morning, certainly better than I would have got with the standard settings:
It was Yellow Wagtail madness in North Field today, with up to 3 birds present, all looking as if they were prospective breeders:

Also some mammal activity. One leaping Roe Deer:
And one well used Hare form. Someone ate well yesterday:

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