Sunday, 22 July 2012

Damsels & Kings

The sunshine has brought on a rush of wildlife experiences, or was I just outside more often? Friday night gave us a male Tawny Owl singing from our chimney, filling the house with "Twit-twoos" and giving lovely torchlight views. Saturday saw the family enjoy a walk in nearby Bernwood Forest, a nice place for a walk that just happens to have a wildlife component. The Purple Emperor butterfly that graced us with its presence for 30 seconds was a real treat. Sunday found me out in the local fields, which are nearly impassable due to the oilseed crops. There was little of interest on the bird front, 7 Cormorants flew south, Linnets sang, Herring Gulls passed overhead, so I tried out my macro lens on the riverside Banded Demoiselle Damselflys:

And on the way back a genuine surprise, a Kingfisher, in all its sapphire and orange glory, flashing low over the corn fields, well away from any water. The first sight record for the year, for a species which is just about annual.

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