Thursday, 19 July 2012

Harris Hawk

Another escaped North American bird species was in Cuddesdon yesterday. I noticed an unusual raptor heading north of the village, it was bulkier than a Sparrowhawk, but not a Common Buzzard. As it swooped up to land in a tree it revealed red upperwings and a clear white rump: a Harris Hawk, probably an escaped falconers bird, just like this one:

Following the Snow Goose in April, this continues the 2012 trend of bizarre, rather than interesting, bird records. When will the next legitimate new species for Cuddesdon ever arrive?


  1. Michael J. Amphlett12:02 pm, July 27, 2012

    ...I've been seeing a Harris Hawk [more than one?] regularly around the Moulsford area (17km due south of Cuddesdon) since December 2011 and, twice this week...see my note on Oxonbirds yesterday.

    1. Thanks for this Michael, it is interesting to learn that there is at least one Harris Hawk that appears to have survived some of a UK winter in the local vicinity. To me they look far better in their home range of SW USA and South America than in Oxon, so lets hope (they?) don't breed....

  2. Hi
    I did a "hawk walk" with a pair Harris Hawk at the weekend. It was fabulous! Such beautiful birds. They aren't native to the UK of course. And my photos didn't come out anything like your wonderul shots. Need more practice :-)