Sunday, 28 April 2013

Late April Lowlights

I finally managed to sneak up on a local Muntjac:

The local Corn Buntings are back on territory, with at least 3, possibly 4, singing males this morning:

Other birds that sounded better than they looked this morning, included this Skylark...

... and one of a number of singing Chiffchaffs:

The only bird of note popped up on a distant tree and begged for closer scrutiny:

The first Wheatear of the Spring. And possibly the only Wheatear of the Spring, as it is nearly May already. Other trans-Saharan migrants included singing Sedge Warbler on the private pond and a singing Reed Warbler by the River Thame. Whitethroats are back in most of the hedgerows, but still no Cuckoos - the last one I heard in Cuddesdon was back in 2010, with only a single sight record in 2011 and none at all in 2012. The sound of Spring is still missing. 75 species for the year. 

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