Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Canada: some city birds

Over the last 5 years, over 300 local patch visits have produced 3 Redstarts, 2 Whinchats, 1 Ring Ouzel, 1 Waxwing and wintering Whitethroat. To call this a meagre reward is an understatement. Finding good birds in the arable wastelands around Cuddesdon is like drawing blood from the proverbial stone. It is time for a change: if the birds won't come to me, then I will go to where the birds are. It is time to experience Spring in the New World. Welcome to the Bird-filled Canada Blog, yours this Spring for a few weeks only! 

And so we begin in Toronto. Here are some common city residents:

Northern Cardinal

American Robins

Red-winged Blackbirds:

Ring-billed Gull:

Common Grackle:

 Black-capped Chickadee:

Brown-headed Cowbird:

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