Thursday, 29 August 2013


Boom, as Martin Garner would say. Quite simply the best day for scarce migrants in the last 5 years.

The day began with Tony insisting he give me a lift in his trailer out to the fields north and east of the village:

And immediately a bird in classic migrant pose. Distant, but that looks like the same Whinchat that was on this bush on Sunday:
I get closer, only to discover that there are two birds perched on the bush now... and neither of them are Whinchats. 2 Wheatear, the day just got better:
Except that the next time I turn around there are 3 Wheatear present:
... and the Whinchat:
I spend the next 15 minutes with Whinchats and Wheatears flicking around me, almost as if I were on Portland or Lundy. Days like this are worth savouring out here, they come around very rarely.

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