Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Minor movements

A few slight signs of migration this morning. The fourth Wheatear of the autumn (a local record!) was in the north fields, but it was the most mobile and elusive migrant of the autumn so far:
Above, Wittenham Clumps... and Wheatear. Honest.  A Corn Bunting passed over, ticking away like a poorly-made clock, an unusual autumn record after the breeding pairs have dispersed. Other summer migrants, with moving on their minds, included 2 Yellow Wagtails and small pulses of Swallows heading south. This stag was also moving, as he burst out of a hedgerow next to me:

It has been a better year than I thought for the local Hobby pair. Today, for the first time, I saw three juveniles together around the natal area. They were entertaining this morning, with regular interaction between birds as they dived at each other. 3 juveniles together here:
Catching a lift:
One technique they have mastered is getting themselves in between the sun and myself: 
  Two together:

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