Saturday, 21 September 2013

Linnet influx

And all of a sudden there are Linnets everywhere. A mega flock of 100+ to the north of the village, two smaller flocks of about 20 each to the east, filling the skies with their calls:

A distinct autumnal feel to the birds today, a Goldcrest here, a Chiffchaff there, small numbers of Meadow Pipits passing overhead. Winter is coming, the first winter thrushes should be here in a fortnight or so. The last remaining summer migrants still cling on, House Martins over the village, small groups of Swallows head south, low over the ploughed fields. The surprise of the morning was a Whitethroat, still present in The Hedgerow, the second latest record. One of the juvenile Hobbys calls from the breeding tree, but it can't be long before it departs. Other resident raptors were more obvious:

Autumn scenes:

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